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Special Purpose

OPTIM was founded in 1989 with the objective to provide high-tech. engineering and consultancy services using its qualified and expertise staff supported by electronic data processing systems, together with Computer-Aided Design (CAD). OPTIM provides a full range of design, engineering and consulting services, especially on transportation, engineering structures, building projects and environmental studies. In order to ensure these services with highest quality OPTIM utilizes its experiences from its valuable engineering history in accordance with clients' needs and expectations, also complies with local & global standards. Main goal of the company is to provide technical consultancy, project management and design services, by taking responsibility for results while accepting the engineering challenges of the future, creativity and innovation. OPTIM is an associated company of OBERMEYER Group. With the collaboration of OPTIM and OBERMEYER Group, a large capacity of engineering services arised by combination of business experience, know-how opportunities and technical facilities, which enables OPTIM to provide modern, rational and economical engineering and consulting services in Turkey and abroad for many years.
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