Technology is a human activity closely related with engineering branches, science and philosophy. History of engineering grows out of history of engineering profession and history of technology which is the field of the engineering applications. Engineer is a person who creates technology and carry out in order to provide better future and improvement of the humanbeing. Engineering is a kind of art that we can produce useful products for humanity, by using science, mathematical principles, experience, decisions and common ideas. Engineering knowledge is a synthesis of technical skills and theoretical know-how. Engineer is a person, who can sense the problems along with solution possibilities, who can choose the right solutions, for different kinds of conditions, who evaluates the most suitable opportunity to catch success, by using the most economical, most efficient and smartest way of study in accordance with ethic frame. The expressions such as, to think like an engineer, to observe like an engineer, to understand like an engineer are sentences, that points out the field peculiar to engineering knowledge and technical skills. Engineer gives his major intense for the prosperity, security and health of society. Engineer esteems the necessary conditions for a sustainable development a duty. In future, the acceleration of development obviously will grow. Engineer who creates and applies the technology determines the structure of the society. For this reason, Engineer should carry on his profession by awaring his position . OPTIM improves its service philosophy in accordance with the above mentioned idea.
Activity fields of OPTIM:
Engineering and consultancy services related with Transportation Infrastructure
- Urban Transportation Studies
- Subways and Light Rail Systems
- Railways
- Motorways
- Highways
- Ports and airports
Engineering and consultancy services related with Engineering Structures
- Multi-level Interchanges and highway corridors
- Major Superstructures (Viaducts, Tunnels, Cross-overs, Overpasses,Underpasses)
- Secondary Superstructures (Culverts, Manholes, Drainage channels)
Engineering and consultancy services related with Buildings
- Hospitals
- Educational and social facilities
- Shopping zones
- Offices
- Special purpose buildings
- Sports facilities
Engineering and consultancy services related with Environmental Engineering
- EIA (Environmental Impact Assesment)
- Sanitary Projects
- Treatment facilities
- Transmission lines
- Water supply and distribution
- Geodesic, cadastral, infrastructural studies and related surveying works
Energy Efficiency
- Energy efficiency in buildings
- Renewable energy sources
- Green building certification